Dating Tips

As the world’s foremost expert in all things romantic I reckon I know a thing or two about dating. Let me give you some pointers …

Online dating is a very safe way to meet new people and make new friends. This is because you can really build a new relationship with your potential date in a secure, anonymous and safe environment. For example you can spend as much time as you like chatting online before meeting in person.

Dating safety and protection

But there will inevitably come a time when you want to take your online relationship a stage further and meet in “fleshyland” (that means the real world, in case you hadn’t guessed).

It’s a time in your new relationship that can be rather daunting as expectations have been raised by online flirting and banter. You don’t want to let down your new date but then again you don’t want to be disappointed either.

Sometimes in the heat of a new relationship common sense can rather go out of the window. That’s why I have put together this page of handy dating tips for you to gloss over before you embark on that all important first date (or second or third date).

Trust your instincts

My number one tip is to trust your own instincts about someone. If you’re desperate and dateless it’s easy to allow hope to trump experience and throw caution to the wind. If you’re dateless but not so desperate, you’ll be much more sensible and cautious.

Don’t allow your instincts to be overridden by the excitement of the first date. If you hear warning bells about your date, take it much more slowly. In my experience (and I have a lot of experience) your instincts are never wrong.

Dating alarm bells

Here are some classic warning bells – hear them ringing:

  • He won’t answer texts or emails. Forget him – if he really wants to know he won’t mess you about like this. He’ll be the perfect gent.
  • He stands you up with some lame excuse about work commitments. Be very careful. If he really wanted to meet you would he let work get in the way? I don’t think so.
  • He won’t let you ring his home phone number, only his mobile. Hmm – could it be there is someone at home who might answer the phone other than him? I think so!
  • He wants the first date to be at his place. A big no-no. Don’t ever do this no matter how safe it sounds. No man would pressurise you to go to his home if he was half-decent.
  • He calls off dates at the last minute. Hmm – wife kicking up a stink about not seeing him is she?
  • Later on – he won’t let you come to his home. Why not? Pretty obvious why not isn’t it? He’s married!
  • He keeps talking about his ex-wife. Let him go back to her then!
  • More tips next time.