The Most Romantic Marriage Proposals EVER

Man putting ring on woman's fingerThere’s nothing quite like a marriage proposal to bring a little tear to the eye. It’s a moment you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Today both men and women are getting more and more creative in the ways they propose.

We scoured the Internet for days looking for the WORLD’S MOST ROMANTIC PROPOSALS, and watched hundreds of proposals! We found that love is alive, kicking and still driving people to do and say the most extraordinary things!

So sit back and relax, get out a box of tissues, some popcorn, and watch the World’s Most Romantic Proposals!

5. Most dangerous proposal?

Death-defying, nerve-wracking, and downright dangerous! All marriage proposals are a leap of faith. This leap ends the right way, and it will melt the hardest heart! Nerves of steel displayed on both parts in this incredible proposal.

4. Sweetest moment – mountaintop proposal

Ah this is so sweet, we’re putting it at number four on our list just cos we love it so much. A girl, a mountaintop, a camera. Technical difficulties overcome. Interrupting phone calls. One nervous guy. One very, very happy girl! Beautiful.

3. Most elaborate wedding proposal?

This one is quite bizarre. A guy takes his girl to a mall, and tricks her into jealousy. An elaborate and complex set of events ensues. She’s baffled – bemused, and a little bit frightened! But amazed, as are all the onlookers. Cue dancing, acrobatics, music and a huge crowd. Twist after twist as the atmosphere and the love ramps further and further up! Stick with it – it’s possibly the world’s most elaborate proposal! This one will have tears running down your face.

2. Most enthusiastic YES

This one makes number two on our list just because of the girl’s reaction. We can safely say she says YES! And like many of the best proposals, the action doesn’t stop after he pops the question – it keeps getting more and more intense!

1. Best-in-class. Matt proposes to Ginny

Boy this is in a class of it’s own. This proposal has everything a great proposal should – surprise, excitement, and a good few laughs along the way. Matt wanted to propose to Ginny, but do it properly. So he made a film (a real movie-theatre one). He films himself asking her father for her hand in marriage (aw, how wonderfully old-fashioned). Then he tricks her into the movie theatre, and it all plays out in front of Ginny and many of their friends. A real tear-jerker!

Special mentions

Here’s just some of the many, many proposals we watched which deserve an extra special mention just for being so fabulously wonderful!

Her reaction is just so beautiful!

This one’s too weird to describe. A marching band, all dressed as Spider Man, sets the scene for this UK proposal.

love, love, love┬áromance. It’s just too sweet for words.